Tuesdays & Fridays 10am-Noon

Meeting on-site and online


zazen and discussion

with Rev. Janine Seitetsu Larsen

Includes opening & closing chants, two periods of meditation (25 minutes each) and dokusan, kinhin, and an hour for check-in, study, and discussion. Drop-in friendly; join and leave as your schedule allows.

Our in-person meeting option at University Unitarian Church in Seattle has been suspended for the time being. When it resumes, we expect to continue our Safe Gathering protocols: 

  • You must be fully vaccinated to attend in person; bring your proof of vaccination the first time you participate.
  • We record contact information for purposes of contact tracing should that be necessary.
  • Once checked in, you enter a fully-vaccinated (non-public) space.
  • The meeting room is large, continually refreshed with outside air, and distancing is possible as you prefer.
  • Masks may be required or may be optional though encouraged.
  • Masks will likely be required for all but the chant-leader during chanting practice.
  • The practice leader will announce expectations for masking and distancing.

We continue to make practice available to all via Zoom.

Our current reflective study engages Ordinary Wonder: Zen Life & Practice, by Charlotte Joko Beck.

We use a shared reading style which is friendly to drop-in attendance and does not require everyone to have a copy of the text. We work with the same book at both the Tuesday and Friday meetings and do not usually repeat any of the readings at either meeting. Each day will bring its own teaching, so no need to prepare in advance or worry about what you’ve missed.

  • About Ordinary Wonder: In this collection of never-before published teachings by Charlotte Joko Beck, we are invited to explore our “core beliefs”—the hidden, negative convictions we hold about ourselves that direct our thoughts and behavior and prevent us from experiencing life as it is. Wryly humorous and relatable, Joko uses powerfully clear language to show how our lives present us with daily opportunities to move from thinking to experiencing, from compulsivity to confidence, and from anguish to peace. An accessible guide to practice amidst the struggles of daily life. Edited by her daughter, ten years after Joko’s death.

For more information or to receive the Zoom link, please email Janine at:

Janine [at] EmptyMoonZen.org